About OTAM

OTAM2The Occupational Therapy Association of Malawi currently consists of approximately 10 Occupational Therapists.

OTAM is a national, independent, voluntary, professional body, the membership of which is unrestricted by consideration of nationality, race, creed, colour, politics, gender, or social status.

OTAM is working towards a 5 year plan of opening an OT course in Malawi. You can help support us to get more trained OTs or build partnership through this webpage! 


Here is more about what different OT’s in Malawi are doing:



Objectives of OTAM:

The objectives of the association are:

  • To act as the official national organization carrying out its activities for the purpose of promoting the occupational therapy (OT) profession.
  • To represent the profession of OT to policy makers, regulatory bodies, and management and training sectors.
  • To be involved in matters where OT expertise shall contribute to general policy making based on promotion, prevention, curative, and rehabilitative health matters; to comment on any social or political issues impacting medical rehabilitation.
  • To establish and maintain professional ethics. These should cover the standards and professional codes of conduct and ideals of the association, to be evaluated biannually.
  • To establish and maintain proficient standards in the practice and education of OT, ensuring that educational programmes meet the minimum standards of the World Federation of Occupational Therapists.
  • To guide and coordinate the development of OTAM, including operation of a registry of qualified occupational therapists within Malawi.
  • To promote continuing professional development via the planning and establishment of OT education programmes and the eventual conducting of postgraduate courses.
  • To promote cooperation amongst OTs and other allied health professional groups.
  • To promote and publicize OT issues and/or illustrate the profession’s functions among the general public and at all levels of the healthcare system.
  • To seek and maintain close contact with the World Federation of Occupational Therapy and other OT associations, keeping all OTAM members informed of current aims and activities.
  • To encourage scientific research in OT.
  • To facilitate and coordinate the exchange and placement of OT in the clinical field of Malawi.
  • To raise funds in a legal means in order to further the development of the OT within Malawi.
  • To publish a professional newsletter.
  • To establish regional branches of OTAM when membership exceeds to 30 members.


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